Wednesday, 10 December 2008

King Sunny Ade & His African Beats - Conscience (Eri Okun) 1983

My next door neighbour found this great slice of '80s electro-juju in a second hand record shop in London. Being a very kind man, he's let me borrow the album to share with anyone with an interest and an internet connection:


01 Eri Okan / Semi Lasepe
Odele Alaga / Igbehin Loju
03 Atiro Gbon Orin Da / Ojumo Oni Tunmo
04 Ebawa Jo / Prince 'Beyo Ade Goke

You can download the zip here.


Baker said...

Sunny Adé always leaves me with a smile.

Thank you for this. Your hard work is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

thank u very much!

Anonymous said...

I cannot thank you enough. I have been looking for this original version for a while. I eventually settled for the remastered version released on CD in 1989 which I bought on Amazon.

This original is priceless and thanks again.

rainstick said...

thanks a million! now that it's almost summer, it's juju time non-stop!!! last summer i couldn't stop jamming aura, synchro system, on to the rarer 80s stuff - psyched to find this!

i just picked up an LP copy of "Bobby" - another of the nigerian presses Ade made in the 80s, i'll post soon!