Monday, 12 October 2009

Scratch the Upsetter - Revolution Dub (Anachron 1990)

"This is dub revolution: music to rock the nation"
Originally released in 1975, Revolution Dub is Lee Perry's landmark dub album. The record is the result of years of experimentation in his Black Ark Studio, exploring the phonic possibilities of the mixing desk and twisting the music of The Upsetters into impossible shapes. The group's easy rhythms are stripped bare and splashed with fragments of vocal or dialogue from a broken television set that burbles away in a forgotten corner. The whole thing is a bit reminiscent of the feeling you get when you sit in a dark room on a very sunny day.


01 Revolution Dub
02 Woman's Dub
03 Kojak
04 Doctor on the Go
05 Bush Weed
06 Dreadlock Talking
07 Own Man
08 Dub the Rhythm
09 Rain Drops

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

One of my favorite shows from the 90's was Lee Scratch. Great artist. This one is not that easy to find. Thanks.

b2v said...

most of the links doesn't work for me...
from King Sunny Ade ins eptember to Lee Perry. sad :(

Mr Tear said...

Hi b2v, sorry you're having trouble. I tried the download link and got a message that says too many people are downloading files and that I'll have to wait. Maybe some kind of problem on the website. I suggest you try again later, but if you still have no luck then post another comment and I'll see what I can do about uploading to another site. Any suggestions for good filehosting sites anyone??

Jash said...

yeah, i've been getting the message that says too many people are downloading, for like two days...everything else on rapidshare works. Also been getting a similar message, for several days, from mediafire for "Electronic Music - Various Artists (Turnabout Records 1967)". awesome blog! thanx!

Mr Tear said...

Hi Jash,
I've added another link to the file, this time hosted on mediafire. Hope that's a bit easier to get hold of

Jash said...

thanks! got it!

dugg said...

thanks for the chance to hear this classic again...
all killer, no filler...

Mr Tear said...

Glad this one's whetting your whistle Dugg.

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