Friday 27 August 2010

Essential Logic - Wake Up (1979)

Essential Logic
were an English punk band formed by Lora Logic in 1978 after the break-up of X-Ray Spex. On this short ep, the music is spikey and dissonant with a clear reggae thing going on a couple of the tracks, and you're either going to love or hate Lora's quirky vocal style. The saxophone she honks occasionally has a sound that reminds me of Henry Cow or one of them arty 70s groups.
Interestingly (or maybe not depending on your point of view), the guitarist from Essential Logic, an upstart called William Bennett, went on to become one of the most notorious and allegedly sinister figures in The History of Underground Music. Bennett founded Whitehouse in 1980 and I have difficulty thinking of a more provocative or controversial musical combo.
Not a synthesizer or reference to deviant sexual practices to be heard here though, you'll probably be relieved to hear.
Following Essential Logic's split in 1981, Lora went on to play with groovy units such as Swell Maps, The Raincoats and the Red Crayola.


01 Wake Up
02 Eagle Bird
03 Quality Crayon Wax O.K.
04 Bod's Message

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icastico said...

Not one I had heard. Thanks for the tip. Cool stuff.

Raw Power said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!! Karma comin' at you.

You don't have other rarities, do you? Any of the ones listed on Kill Rock Stars' website (apparently the original mix of "world friction" is different than on the KRS reissue)!? Thanks~~