Monday, 13 December 2010

Bhai Davinder Singh Ragi & Party - Shabad Kirtan

As I said previously, I know very little about Indian music. It would be fair to say that I know even less about the music of the Sikh religion. I picked up this album of Sikh devotional songs in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago and its very beautiful. As usual, any information about the songs or the artists would be much appreciated.


01 Ek Onkar Bani Guru-Guru
02 Sun Sun Jeevan Teri Bani
03 Choji Mere Gobinda
04 Ditha Sab Sansar
05 Guru Mere Sang Sada Hai Neale
06 Kirpa Karo Deen Ke Datay
07 Abh Tabh, Jabh Kabh, Tuhi Tuhi
08 Mithay har Gunn Gao
09 Toou Mera Pita Tu Hai Mera Mata

Get it HERE.


øשlqæda said...

dig. thanks yo!

Mr Tear said...

No problemo. Glad someone's enjoying this one, there's not been many takers so far.

Dj No Breakfast said...


Mr Tear said...

Hope the trip was a success Mr No-Breakfast, and that these wonderful sounds help you to prolong the afterglow. X

Anonymous said...

This tune is speaking about God, saying "You're my mother and father, brother," etc.

bawa said...

Dances on the footpath directedme to this post and your blog and I am grateful to him! Shall go through it now.... lists and hosts most of the devotional Punjabi singers (I like the more old-fashioned classical based ones but thats me) like Gopal Singh Ragi, etc.

My favourite section as a piece of literature / poetry is the "Asa di Var" Morning Prayer - it has sections that are both semi-recited and sung by Surjan Singh

Another hymn that I like very much is one by the last Guru, Gobind Singh, "Mittar Pyare Nun". Mohammad Rafi sung it beautifully, and I love the poem.

You may know that the entire holy book of the Sikhs can be sung as it is based on classical Indian Ragas.

One very modern personality you may find interesting Bhai Baldeep Singh. He is doing great work in digging out Luthiers from all over Punjab, learning their techniques, and old singing masters. He has managed- totally uphill work- to start a project a to have a Conservatoire in Classical Sikh Music in the Old Abandonded fort at Sultanpur Lodhi. It is a pretty impossible dream in current day Punjab where money is available for everything except things that matter - but the man has a tenacity seen to be believed. His channel on youtube bhaibaldeep is also really valuable: he has videos of all kinds of traditional music, not only Sikh.

Hope this is useful.

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Bawa.
Looks like I have some exploring to do.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for this.....been looking for it for ages. Bhai Davinder Singh was an amazing singer from the old school. Sadly he was shot and killed by extremists in the 1980s.

Anonymous said...

do you have any ideas regarding the year of this amazing release?
thanks in advance.

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