Saturday, 12 March 2011

Los Corraleros de Majagual - !Grito Parrandero! (1966)

This is some glorious, itchy Colombian dance music from way back in 1966 that I picked up at a boot sale a couple of weeks back. I'm just back from a few days in Marrakech and I thought I'd post this in the name of variety before the deluge of Morrocan music begins.

The album contains a song called 'My Burrito' - Ween have nurtured in me a love of songs about food, and this one is great.

Hope you enjoy!


01 La Gustadera
02 Mi Sombrero Viejo
03 Grito Parrandero
04 La Vieja Pancha
05 No Como Eso
06 Al Ritmo Corralero
07 Rrrriapatopo
08 Swing Bailable
09 Mi Burrito
10 Merengue Bonito
11 El Carrito Viejo
12 La Gaviota

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that i love your blog... lot of differents sounds, with good comments and nice things more personnals... great job! carry on! you've got a french fan

Mr Tear said...

Thanks to you in France. I hope you keep coming back for more of the good stuff.

freedom2 said...

Great blog! This is the kind of music that's very hard to find elsewhere, I have found some realy marvelous stuff here, THANKS!
Since you probably aren't keeping track of comments to posts from 2008, I just wanted to mention that all the links are down for: and the TP OK albums have been some of my favorites of your African rips, so I hope you can repost.

Ange said...


doc patcheko said...

the can never be too much cumbia. excellent. thank you.

here's my own band destroying the classic "camisola"

I'm the guy on congas in the back.

Amônimo said...

Thanks for more of amazing stuff!!!!

superponcho said...

muchas gracia ! great blog ! ! !

-=estrella=- said...

Thanks for this blog , would you mind to review the link to this nice LP again? It seems to be broken.



Anonymous said...

Buen Blog! Pero el link está roto: no funciona!...Gracias por el aporte.

Anonymous said...

vínculo caído!!!!!!!

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