Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Qrquesta Henry Castro, Antonio Gonzalez y D'Argil - Chicharron de Chivo

It's a little difficult getting back into the swing of this blog posting business after such a long, accidental break. I have managed to pick up some wonderful vinyl during that time off so I hope to be quite busy here over coming weeks.

First up we have this lovely, crackly old record from a time when rock 'n' roll landed in Colombia. This is a weird and intriguing blend of American and Colombian styles which features a number of tracks designed for dancing the Twist. But with Cumbia and Porros stuff going on too. If that sounds like your bag then come grab a copy before they make it illegal.


01 Munequita de Cristal
02 La Estraordinaria
03 Chicharron de Chivo
04 Gusano Peludo
05 Don Ramiro
06 San Andres
07 Carmen Cecilia
08 Las Palmitas
09 Luna de Miel
10 Rosa
11 Margarita
12 Que Linda

Get it HERE.

While we're all here and paying attention, I'd just like to draw your attention to a new blog which has been started by Tim Abdellah, who has regularly provided translations for some of the Moroccan and Arabic music I've posted here. Tim has decided to start to share some of the music he has collected whilst visiting Morocco, along with some of his knowledge about this music. Tim seems pretty versed in the Gnawa tradition0 (whilst I'm just a happy amateur), and his comments here have been consistently interesting and enlightening, so I for one am looking forward to more Moroccan music coming our way soon. The blog is called Moroccan Tape Stash and you can find it here:



øשlqæda said...

bienvenido de nuevo, amigo. esto es fácil, brisa y agradable

peter said...

thanks so much, i love stuff like this! before this post, though, one of the only ones i knew of was this great tune

peter said...

by the way, is there any indication on the album as to which orquesta plays on each track?

Mr Tear said...

Hi Peter, thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately I can provide no information other than what's already been provided. The orquesta names appear in the bottom left hand corner of the front cover, the back cover only contains advertisements for other records on the label and the labels on the disc contain only the song titles.

I wonder whether the same orquesta plays all the music and the names are those of the singers??

Let me know if you find anything.

Holly said...

This is so totally up my alley - thank you! :-)

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