Saturday, 24 November 2012

Izanzaren - Hommage a Boubaker Anchaden

Izanzaren should need no introduction to regular visitors to this here little backwater of the internet.  If you haven't heard them before, here's what you can expect:
Beautiful, intricate banjo lines. Call and response vocals (sung in Tachelhit) with socially conscious lyrics discussing the problems faced by a newly urbanised youth.  Amazing percussion.
Certainly my cup of tea and maybe its yours too.


01 Ala Rabi Ayahbib Amzate Elkhatri - Tidink Elbarrad Aoua
02 Amtaou Hoy
03 Addounite Tazri
04 Aoudass Atassanou
05 Iz'am Amdlous

Get it HERE.


jb said...

Thanks, it's great

Hammer said...

"Amtaou Hoy" is the name of this wonderful LP.

T, this is absolutely cool and a great add to your collection!


Mr Tear said...

Hiya! You know I love me some of that good Moroccan banjo groove. I was VERY thrilled to find this (and another Ianzaren LP) on vinyl. So expect more from them soon.

MOB said...

This is phenomenal - these guys were new to me. I want to check out the previous stuff you posted, but I’m getting the following from Rapidshare:

Download not available
File owner's public traffic exhausted.

Any chance of a re-up, or will your RS account roll over at some point?

Thanks for all that you do - SC&P has become a cherished entry in my RSS feed...

Kurt said...

Another nice one. Complete with extra snap crackle and pop!

Mr Tear said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the lovely comments and I'm so pleased you're enjoying these fantastic sounds.

MOB - I believe that Rapidshare have introduced a new daily download limit of 1GB per day for free accounts. I have a free account as I make no money from this blog and so can't afford to pay for some fancy account. What that means is that you can keep trying to dl those files from Rapidshare (and hopefully you'll have some luck). I will try to upload the files to another site at the weekend when I have a bit more time.
This Izanzaren cassette is hosted on mediafire so you shouldn't have problems getting it:

I would also highly recommend the following:




That should be enough to get you started.

MOB said...

Hey Mr. T -

Thanks for the speedy reply! Super-cool.

I appreciate your confirming on the Rapidshare situation. Don't worry about re-upping them just for li'l old me - I'm happy to try again tomorrow, now that I know they're still there. I guessed it was some kind of bandwidth cap, but wanted to make sure.

I'm grooving to the Izanzaren cassette as we speak, and have had some good times over the last few months with the Archach and Lemchaheb as well, both thanks to you. Izmaz is another new one by me, though, so I'll look forward to giving that a spin.

Thanks again, and all the best,


mark said...

Dig it. Thanks!

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Toaster said...

Is there any way someone could tell me how to find the song in the youtube video in this post?

Mr Tear said...

Hi y'all,
any help identifying the song in the video for Mr Toaster would be much appreciated. I don't speak or read Tachelhit so these kind of tasks are difficult for me.
X Mr Tear

Toaster said...

Alright, through a bit more investigation it seems the song is called Izillid. Now I'm just on the search for a download!

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Anonymous said...

Years after, I thanks you for this share