Monday, 21 January 2013

Rebby Sharp - In One Mouth and Out the Other (1989)

This is a fascinating release from New York's late eighties East Side art scene, the last gasp before the gentrification.  Rebby Sharp plays and sings a strange mix of folk and bluegrass, throwing in conscious lyrics with a fried sense of humour.  She is ably supported by guests such as the Shimmy Disc head honch, Kramer, and underground legends, Fred Frith and Tom Cora.  There's a lovely cover version of The Holy Modal Rounders' Hesitation Blues.


01         Some Men        
02         Up Jumped Chair Legs        
03         Hard Acid Rain        
04         These Venetian Eyes        
05         Just In Time        
06         I'm So Hot        
07         Crater Creek        
08         Gimmee Back My 15¢        
09         Goin' To The Roof        
10         Sittin' On Top Of The John        
11         Let The Piper Call The Tune        
12         Hesitation Blues        
13         Tar Baskets        
14         Holding Forth        
15         He Leadeth Me        
16         Walk By The Fire

Get it HERE.


Mr Tear said...

Oh, and a belated Happy New Year everyone!

Holly said...

Thank you, & Happy New year to you as well!

JP said...

Thank you for this. This is the kind of buried treasure I think I'd never hear if weren't for blogs like yours. I'm loving it.

jb said...

One of my very favourite Shimmy Disc releases. Acid-soaked perfection.

mark mcgraham said...

Always loved this album!! Awesome!!

Mr Tear said...

Hey y'all,
thanks for all the comments. I'm glad you're all enjoying this one.

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dugg said...

this sounds absolutely fascinating- thanks for the chance to hear it!

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