Sunday, 8 September 2013

Gérard Manset - La Mort D'Orion


This record was rescued from a box of old vinyl in a charity shop in Woodingdean, where it languished amongst heaps of records by Des O'Connor and Slim Whitman.  Weird to find such a strange, symphonic psychedelic prog-rock album in amongst such incongruous company.

The music here is dense and otherworldly and Manset employs a broad palette incorporating gypsy violins, sitars, fuzz guitars and experimental recording techniques alongside all the traditional instruments of the orchestra. 


01         Introduction         
02         Où L'Horizon Prend Fin        
03         Salomon L'Hermite         
04         Final        
05         Vivent Les Hommes        
06         Enchaînement         
07         Ils         
08         Paradis Terrestre        
09         Elégie Funèbre

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...


You have stumbled upon one of the great (sorry, one of THE great) underground French classics. Manset, bearded in his earliest YouTube appearances - but don't hold that against him, it was the 70s after all - has never, as far as I know, played live anywhere but has a simply massive reputation among the cognoscenti. He is famous for, among other things, completely refabricating not just the order of the songs but also their sound and continued existence from pressing to vinyl to CD and so on. (If you see what I mean... Some songs cease to exist.) He's a tamperer and a perfectionist. He's certainly worth pursuing, if you have any french, that is. Otherwise, he can just sound a bit of a droner. I think he's brilliant, as it happens.

Thnak you for this. What the hell was it doing where you found it?



øשlqæda said...

one the headiest ever + certainly his best. the *caesar* single from the previous year really layed the groundwork fer this lp, specially the latin version

Mr Tear said...

Hi MC, thanks for that little insight into the world of Gerard Manset, much appreciated. The LP is very interesting and sounds great when you're in the mood. Unfortunately I have no French (my grasp of English is pretty loose too) so I'm unable to understand his poetry.
Hi Owl, great to hear from you and I hope all's good in your world.

Mr Tear said...

And I have no idea why this record ended up in a box full of Des O'Conner, Don Williams and James Last. There was absolutely nothing else of any interest in the box. How this ended up in Woodingdean will remain one of life's mysteries I suppose.

Thick Green said...

Looks like the file is no longer available from that link.

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