Thursday, 19 December 2013

Rahul Dev Burman - Alibaba Aur 40 Chor

I'm quite consious of the fact that new posts have been thin on the ground over recent months.  Really, I've been posting less and less frequently over the course of this year, not because of 'blogger fatigue' or anything like that, but more because I seem to have less spare time, work seem is taking up more of my time than ever before - difficult as I'm naturally a pretty lazy, workshy person.  Luckily my local car boot sale continues to provide regular suprises so here is one of  this weekend's nice finds.

R.D. Burman's soundtrack to this 1980 Indian/Russian movie production is a total pleasure, a hugely enjoyable funky romp with fabulous percussion, bubbling basslines, some fuzzy guitars, huge over the top strings and all your favourite playback singers.  Each track is full of surprising turns and unusual, inventive flourishes that I'm sure will keep me listening over the coming months.  Hopefully you too will find plenty here to pique your interest.

If you have the time and inclination, here is the whole lavish movie for you to feast your eyes (and ears) on.  Just maximise the screen for the English subtitles:

01         Aa Ja Sar-E-Bazar    
02         Music    
03         Khatouba    
04         Title Music        
05         Jadugar Jadu Kar Jayega    
06         Qayamat    
07         Sare Shaher Men

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, and I suggest you check out The Bombay Royale, an Australian band for more of the same, but current. Happy Christmas.


Likedeeler said...

Thanks man! Your posts are always a discovery for me. All the best, M

Mr Tear said...

Glad you're all enjoying this one and thanks for the tip off. I'll look forward to checking out The Bombay Royale.

dj no breakfast said...

hello i would Love a reupload please ... can you do that for my ears ... THANKS A LOT

Mr Tear said...

Hey DJ No Breakfast! The mediafire link still works for me but if you continue to have trouble try this link:

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