Sunday, 2 February 2014

Rumba on the River: a new SCP mix

Here's a compilation of sweet rumba tunes - a warm bath for the soul.  Some of the songs come from the Congo Sevens Volume 1 & 2 compilations I posted some time ago, but others are more recent finds and are exclusive to this mix. Hope you all find something to pleasure your mind and maybe make you move your feet.


Tabu Ley & Orchestre Afrisa L'International - Mafuku Na Libenga
Franco & L'Orchestre TPOK Jazz - Alimatou 1 & 2
Vicky et l'Orchestre OK-Jazz - Rocky a Kovenger Ngai
Tabu Ley & Orchestre Afrisa L'International - Dialogue
Orchestre Bantous - Damba
Orchestre Kongo Vox - Nakolimbisa Yo Vivi
Orchestre Les Rebelles - Annie Nasiliki
Orchestre Alberthos - Basi Balukaka Nini
Vicky et l'Orchestre OK-Jazz - Bea
Wanyika Stars - Si Kosa Langu 1 & 2
Par Pina et l'Orchestre African Fiesta National - Maguy
Orchestre Kongo Vox - Trouble Na Bongo
Par Rochereau et l'Orchestre African Fiesta National - Connaissan ce Koyebana
Orchestre Tino Mambo - Badyano

You can listen on Mixcloud (check the link at the top of the page) or you can download it HERE.


Mason said...

This is awesome! Thanks so much. I've been listening to that Congo 7s comp quite a lot recently. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

thanks, buddy

ron said...

Thank you !!

Mr Tear said...

Cheers chaps! Glad you're enjoying it. X

nedwrat said...
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nedwrat said...

Wow this is a great blog. I cannot wait to start rooting around for some rumba vinyl. This mix filled my morning with peace, thanks Gregg