Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Albert Ayler (with Don Cherry) - Ghosts (1964)

Great free-jazz from 1964 that oscillates between expansive, cosmic sounds and that kind of nervous, skittery free improv that comes on something like a teeth chattering amphetamine comedown. The small band on these European sessions consisted of Albert Ayler (alto sax), Don Cherry (trumpet), Gary Peacock (double bass) and Sunny Murray (all over that drumkit).

Ayler had this to say about his approach to life and music at the time:

My music is the thing that keeps me alive now. I must play music that is beyond this world. If I can just hum my tunes and live like, say, [Thelonious] Monk does, live a complete life like that, just humming tunes, writing tunes and being away from everything-if I could do this, it would just carry me back to where I came from. That's all I'm asking for in life and I don't think you can ask for more than just to be alone and create from what God gives you. Because, you know, I'm getting my lessons from God. I've been through all the other things and so I'm trying to find more and more peace all the time.

Track List:

1.Ghosts (short version)


3.Holy Spirits

4.Ghosts (long version)



You can get it here.

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Thank you for this beautiful album