Friday, 10 October 2008

King Sunny Ade - Ijinle Odu (1982)

Another glorious album of light, airy but totally insistent grooves from King Sunny Ade. Ijinle Odu came out in 1982 on Sunny Alade Records of Ikeja, but is quite different from his Island Records releases from around this time, Synchro System and Aura, both of which blend the juju sound with synths, syn drums and dub effects. Ijinle Odu is an altogether more organic affair that just meanders along, languishing in its own beauty. Great, shifting rhythms, some fantastic guitar work and really amazing xylophone playing all combine to make this well worth some of your time.

Track Listing:

A1 Oro Oko Ati Irawo
A2 Aya To Pawo
A3 Ife Ki Ibinu
A4 Alhadji Jide Okunnu

B1 Aja Ngbo Nigbo
B2 Ika O Dara
B3 Ata Wewe
B4 Maje Nbi Were Lomo
B5 E Saiye Re

Although the sleeve and labels say there are 9 tracks, I've posted the album as two separate mp3s because each side works best as a cotinuous piece rather than as a collection of discrete songs. Like I said, the music just makes a subtle shift and you find yourself dancing to a different tune.

Get it over here.

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