Monday, 17 November 2008

El Maalem Mahmoud Gania - more Gnawa

Here's another fantastic cd of Gnawa trance music from Morocco. This Mahmoud Gania (or Guenya, or Guinia, or's confusing!) album seems to have more of an Arabic influence than other releases, and it includes some brainmelting electronic drums that might sound at home in Omar Souleyman's Syrian 'Jihadi Techno'. I don't know what the album's called, so any help with translation of the title would be much appreciated, but in the meantime enjoy this fantastic music.


01 - El Folani Baba Ya Sidi
02 - Allah Allah Ya Donia
03 - Adora Adora Ayieh
04 - Bolila Ya Bolila

The zip is here.

When I was at this year's Essaouirra festival, my camera ran out of charge almost as soon as I arrived. Towards the end of my stay I met a photographer from Luton who had been taking lots of pictures of the festival and of Morocco. His pictures are better than any I might have taken and you can see them here.

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