Friday, 28 November 2008

SOMETHING WEIRD: Perceptual Motor Rhythm Skills - Bananafish # 7

This compilation 7" came with issue 7 of the fabulous US 'zine Bananafish way back in 1992. I used to look forward to this arriving at my local vinyl pusher's, as it always provided a good dose of brain scrambling Dada-esque confusion. Occasionally there'd be stuff in there about music, but mostly I'd ignore that stuff in favour of the random ramblings of Seymour Glass and his unstable friends.
Like Lisa Suckdog's Rollerderby, what was interesting about this 'zine was the cut and paste artwork, and its skewed take on everyday life. Unfortunately, all my copies of this have long ago been sucked into a black hole, lost somewhere along my way. But I do have a few of these singles left. This stuff is bizarre, roughly cut audio collage, spoken word, noise, improv, prank call...strange messages from beneath the underground.

Press the play button to listen:

If you want you can download it here.

And here's the tracklisting:

A1 Reverend John Hawkins* Sermon Excerpt
A2 Hijo Kaidan* No Particular
A3 Tina Chopp vs. Bob Larson Excerpt
A4 Anne Eickelberg A Most Horrible Mistake
A5 Felipe X. Milstein Robert (Scare Stiff Of Penis)
B1 Crust Pumpchili
B2 Tina Chopp vs. Bob Larson Excerpt
B3 Royal Trux Theme Elementary School Psycho (Ax In Y Bad Boy BBM)

B4 Tina Chopp vs. Bob Larson Excerpt


nehoccramcire said...

I'm really enjoying the stream here, but I'm pretty sure the order of the track listing is unreliable...thanks anyway; the sounds take me back to another time and place...

Mr Tear said...

Thanks, glad you're enjoying the weird sounds. I'm pretty sure the tracklisting's unreliable too, but I know royal trux are up last.