Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Ernesto Dje Dje - Le Roi du Ziglibithy (Cote d'Ivoire 1977)

Ernesto Dje Dje was, until his death in 1983, the most famous singer from the Ivory Coast. On this great album, Dje Dje attempted to modernise the Ziglibithy dance rhythm and encourage other Ivorians to capitalise on their shared musical heritage. This is a hugely enjoyable album, fast paced and funky with great guitar and brass throughout.

01 Zibote
02 Zadie Bobo
03 Behdo
04 Lola
05 Gnizako
06 Assouna

Get it HERE!

And here's a little taster:


ryan said...

Thanks a lot for this album. I had been familiar with Zibote but the fourth track, Lola, is amazing. Thanks again

Serge said...

How can i download for free his songs????

Mr Tear said...

Hi Serge, when you get to rapidshare, click on the button that says: free user
After a little wait you should get a link to download the file.
Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...


thank you


Anonymous said...

I have loved the music of Ernesto Djedje since I first heard it on a Malian river boat (Le General Soumare) traveling up the Niger River to Timbuktu in 1985. Thank you so very, very much for posting this very rare album!

Alex Halpin said...

I heard this guy playing in a taxi last night. The driver was from the Ivory Coast and he hooked me up with the name. Dje je. Thanks for posting the album!

p-e-s said...

I bought the 2001 anthology "Le Roi du Ziglibithy," comprising BLP 5020 & BLP 5021 (Popular African Music pam adc 305). However I noticed something disconcerting: compared to your rip of the original album, every song off BLP 5020 on the anthology is 0:40 longer, slower, and sounds lower in pitch.

I am wondering which are the original tracks, so would like to know more about your rip: do you have the original BLP 5020 vynil yourself?

I am thinking the anthology itself is to blame, as on the slower tracks, his voice doesn't sound normal, and songs that should by all accounts be played in a fast and exciting way sound sluggish instead. This leads me to wonder, are the BLP 5021 tracks on the anthology also pitch-shifted/slower? They don't sound like it, but how do I know for certain...

Unknown said...

To P-E-S, I think you are right. I bought several copies of the original cassette when I was in Mali in 1985 and 1987 and the songs are much more vibrant than the recordings on the compilation CD you refer to, which I also have. I much prefer the versions on the cassette.

Mr Tear said...

Hi P-E-S and anonymous,
The recordings posted here are recorded from vinyl if that's any help. I think these songs would sound a bit weird if they were slower.
Mr T.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the music. I am obsessed with finding this album, though your link is inactive, I live in hope of a re-up. :)

Mr Tear said...

Hi there,
The link is now fixed. Hope you enjoy the sounds.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

love this so much! sounds soooo good on a very foggy chilly seattle night. thanks!