Thursday, 22 January 2009

Fatima Tabaamrante - Amazigh Music of the Anti-Atlas

On my recent visit to Morocco we spent some time in the Anti-Atlas mountains around Tafraout:
This region is populated by the Amazigh Berbers, a fierce and proud people who managed to resist French colonialism until the early 1930s. During our stay I was introduced to Amazigh music (thanks to Rachid from Hotel Tafraout and Ahmed from the cafe along the Ameln Valley), this discovery was a real revelation...raw sounds from the banjo, the rabab (a one stringed violin), electric guitars and a variety of handdrums...and I hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I do.

So, in this post you'll find the first of the cds I brought back to England. It's by Fatima Tabaamrante, something of a Berber superstar. Her voice is really incredible, quite hoarse and rough sounding but with a texture that compliments the urgency of the music perfectly. She is from the region around Tiznit and is apparently popular for the poetry of her lyrics, many of which deal with Amazigh social issues.

Here she is in action:


01 Irbi Swlka
02 Isgharn Dwamane
03 Nswingm Sawlghe
04 Ighnofayat Njloyat

You can get it HERE!


Neu Mejican said...

Looking forward to this one. Thanks

Shivers Inside said...

Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying my blog. This latest is a real gem. What a voice! And you made me dig out my Nicolette records.

Not sure if I can give anything back, but this is our little mag ...

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for the very kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying the music...yes, those nicolette tracks are real treasures, but this fatima tabaamrante album is a total revelation! I will be sure to check your mag when i'm back on my own computer.

Neu Mejican said...

BTW, here is some music I did a while back that takes some inspiration from Northern African styles.

sexy said...
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Harold said...

I love the gruff sound of her voice! Nice find!

Spinning said...

Her voice and singing style remind me of the late Cheikha Remitti (among others).

Many thanks!

dugg said...

what an amazing collection of music you have assembled here- a fascinating journey and more enjoyable for me than other blogs that get a bit niche-y.
i love north African music- very much looking forward to the listening!
all the best,

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Dugg, hope you have fun exploring the sounds.

Mr Tear said...

The link works now. X

David said...

Wow - looks such a demure sweetie and yet sounds so hard-edged & punchy! Love the sound of her voice!

Thank you for this one!!!!

Amarg A9dim said...

thank you very mush for these great mp3
please it is possible to reupload it becouse the link dont work .