Thursday, 25 June 2009

Electronic Music - Various Artists (Turnabout Records 1967)

I don't know much about modern classical music, Cage and Stockhausen and that academic avant garde stuff, but what I do know is that Luciano Berio's piece 'Visage' is one of the most incredible, confusing and completely psychedelic pieces of music I've ever heard. The piece was composed in 1961 and it is basically a 20 minute tape cut up (a la William Burroughs) of opera singer Cathy Berberian's astonishing voice. To call it a cut up however, is to underplay the stunning complexity of the sound, for the voice is layered and manipulated, pieces of tape are speeded up and slowed down...what is recognisable as human voice is entirely wordless, beyond language, transporting you to a place of pure emotion, or pure thought. This is music to fall into, maybe something like an aural black-hole?

The other tracks are worth a listen too...


01 Ilhan Mimaroglu - Agony
02 John Cage - Fontana Mix
03 Luciano Berio - Visage

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Rapid Share has blocked your file. Sad! I was so curious to listen to this LP.


Mr Tear said...

Should work now!

autumnleaf said...

berberian was his wife (berio's) at the time and they collaborated on other pieces on another recording of a few pieces together...wonderful stuff! in 67/ 68 i bought the complete schwann catalog of the electronic music produced at that point in time, and i remember this recording-i also have it in vinyl..and much more..thanks for the posting and your other works as well...

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for the info autumnleaf, hope you enjoyed hearing the music again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this available! Great stuff from the past. Much appreciated.

Hijack The Ripper said...

I found your blog during a search for another Turnabout release, the 1966 "Electronic Music" compilation. I wonder if you would like to include it here; I just ripped the source LP. I would love to contact you directly - please let me know! Thanks so much.

Semper Lo-Fi,

The Ripper

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