Sunday, 7 June 2009

Animal Records - Various Artists (Animal 1982)

Lovely compilation of stuff from Chris Stein of Blondie's Animal Records label. Great tracks from The Gun Club, Tav Falco's Panther Burns, Iggy Pop and James White and the Blacks. Snuky Tate was new to me, and I Don't Know Samba is a pretty messed up percussion thing, while Babylon Under Pressure is weird no wave dub. Not sure about Walter Steding though.

Here's some little tasters for you. First up, some of that lowdown swamp rock fromTav Falco, playing live on some late night poker show in 1999:

This is the Gun Club preaching the voodoo blues at the Hacienda in 1983:

Here' s a clip from Downtown 81. This film was shot in the '80s, starred Jean-Michel Basquiat and featured a host of New York musicians and artists including Fab Five Freddy, James Chance, Debbie Harry and DNA. This clip features James White and the Blacks and Walter Steding in the Mudd Club:


01 The Gun Club - Run Through the Jungle
02 Walter Steding - Dancing in Heaven
03 Panther Burns - Panther Man
04 Iggy Pop - The Horse Song
05 The Gun Club - Like Calling Up Thunder
06 Panther Burns - I'm On This Rocket
07 Iggy Pop - The Villagers
08 Walter Steding - All the Way
09 Snuky Tate - I Don't Know Samba
10 James White & The Blacks - The Twitch
11 Snuky Tate - Babylon Under Pressure
12 James White & The Blacks - Irresistable Impulse

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

Looks like a good collection.

jhnhth said...

Great compilation. Thanks for the post. Re: downtown 81, the movie is hard to sit through (partly because they had to dub the audio), but that vid you posted with James White and the Blacks is brill. James Chance is still the Sax Maniac in 2009.

Mr Tear said...

Yeah, I've checked a few clips on youtube, and the film looks like it would be hard work. However James White is awesome in his shiny black shoes, and the Mudd Club looks like a great place to spend an evening...

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Anonymous said...


steve-o said...

Amazing. Iggy's The Horse Song is my most listened to track of 2011 so far. 6 times today and counting. Thank you muchly.

Mr Tear said...

Ooh, sounds like someone had a wild new year's day with Iggy on repeat. Stay well and thanks for dropping by. X

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