Saturday, 30 May 2009

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - Osadebe '77 (1977)

This is the second of the Osadebe cd's from the East Street market stall (the first is here). If you've never heard him, this is magical music - fantastically mellow Nigerian highlife. There's something really special going on here by the time we get to the muted trumpet in the mesmerising People's Club Odogwu...


01 Uche Chukwu Geme
02 Ogo Di Nkpa
03 People's Club Odogwu

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

The number of hours of great music this man recorded is humbling.

Mr Tear said...

Yep, and thankfully he did record it cos sometimes when I'm in the mood I could listen to this stuff all day.

symbolkid said...

thank you so much! another great record of a great master!

icastico said...

Mr. Tear,

That is one nice thing about having Rhapsody...they have no fewer than 34 Osadebe albums (this one too...just recently added) can make for a nice long mix.

Mr Tear said...

Freaky! 34 albums! I must check out this Rhapsody must forgive my ignorance but I know nothing about it. Is it like spotify??

Mr Tear said...

Also Icastico, what's your connection to WMFU??? I been getting lots of hits after Fatima Tabaamrante was featured on 10 of the best from the many thanks if you had a hand in that.

icastico said...

Mr. Tear,

Rhapsody is a pay for access music service. You subscribe for a fee (like $15 US a month, iirc) and get access to their entire collection...

You can spend more and get more features. And you can buy music itunes style. It has some problems, but I have been happy with our subscription.

As for WFMU, I just drop comments there on occasion, no connection. I have posted links to a couple of your posts (e.g., Izenzaren), but I don't know if that is how Doug S. found you or not.

Mr Tear said...

Hello good people,
The link to this wonderful album is now working just fine.

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