Monday, 18 May 2009

Sehorn's Soul Farm - New Orleans Soul & Funk

This is a great compilation of downhome southern soul and funk from New Orleans. All of these great tracks were produced by Allen Toussaint in the mid to late '60s. Enjoy!


01 Warren Smith - Star Revue
02 Willie Harper - Why You Wanna Do It
03 John Williams - Blues Tears And Sorrow
04 Benny Spellman - Sinner Girl
05 Eldridge Holmes - Love Affair
06 Joe Haywood - Let's Make It
07 Curley Moore - Get Low Down
08 Aaron Neville - Hercules
09 Aaron Neville - Struttin' On Sunday
10 Warren Lee - Climb The Ladder
11 Curley Moore - Don't Pity Me
12 Sonny Fisher - Oh Love This Is Sonny
13 Earl King - All My Love
14 Willie Harper - That's What You Need
15 Diamond Joe - Gossip Gossip
16 Ernie K-Doe - Hotcha Mama

Get It HERE.


Goofy said...

Great post. AT has always been a big favourite of mine as a composer and producer. Big thanks!

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

Thank you for being here. I'm sure I will enjoy this nice selection of Nawlins funk

Peace and blessings.

Charlotte Willcox said...

Hello there, the link to the file does not seem to work. Would you mind posting again? You have great albums on this blog! I'm loving it.