Monday, 25 May 2009

Dave Burrell - La Vie de Boheme (Actuel 1969)

Great free improv reinterpretation of Puccini's opera from Dave Burrell that was a real surprise find at a local boot sale. This man played with some of the great artists of the '60s free jazz scene including Pharoah Saunders, Sonny Sharrock and Elvin Jones and tha album was released on the legendary French jazz label BYG Records. If you're at all free jazz inclined then check it out.


01 First Act
02 Second Act (1st Part)
03 Second Act (2nd Part)
04 Third Act
05 Fourth Act

Get it HERE.


Solomon said...

Thank you.

serviceton said...

I'm free-jazz inclined - and I thank you kindly for this posting & record. A rare appearance on vinyl from the semi-legendary Ric Colbeck.
Most interesting