Monday, 25 May 2009

Disco Unusual - Various Artists (2002)

12 killer cuts of ghetto disco. This isn't your glossy Studio 54 stuff, it's the tough funk of the block parties, the sound of 1970s inner city America. Personal favourites here are the groovy 'Peace and Love' by Brooklyn People, the Funkadelic cover by the New Ghetto Express and the fabulous 'I Can Do It' by Louise Freeman.

Check this amazing documentary, 80 Blocks from Tiffany's about gang life in the New York ghettos.


Sam Peake & Metropolis
Brooklyn People
Peace And Love
Do What You Can Do
New Ghetto Express
Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
Ross Carnegie & Co
Open Up Your Mind
A6North By Northwest Disco Unusual
The Projections
Groovin To The Music We Play
C. Henry Woods Troupe
The Stranger
Louise Freeman
I Can Do It
B4East Coast Connection Summer In The Parks
South Side Coalition
Get Off Your Seats And Jam
The Endeavors
Who Shaft Where

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

Maybe if I'd heard this stuff back in the day, I wouldn't have had that "Disco Sucks" T-shirt in junior high...


Simon666 said...

Great comp. I guess the 'disco" in the title makes people expect something different than this great soul-funk comp. Many thanks :)

Mr Tear said...

simon, did you get my email about o astro?

also, disco...lots of people are scared off just by the word but there is so much amazing funk music out there that was made for dancing, and that's what i like...uptempo funk made to be heard on the discotheque soundsystem.

Simon666 said...

Hey Marc,
Just replied, sorry for slowness :)
Still enjoying this great album !

v said...

yes, raw funkification, not found(ghetto one)-if I search I may find...

v said...

thanks. funk, that's disco-ish but fully good funk.

Mr Tear said...

Hi V, sorry about the video, it may take a while to load as its an hour long. The documentary has no direct link to the music on the compilation, rather it's connected by time and place. Its a proper eye-opener though, and quite an astute commentary on the gap between rich and poor in the modern world. Maybe

jerome green said...

Hi Mr Tear,

I can't believe I never picked this up back in '02. Thank you so much for the listen; just superb underground sounds.

Peace, Jerome