Thursday, 7 May 2009

More from Funky Guadeloupe! LES AIGLONS - Le Disque de Vacance (1976)

I must first apologise for the mistake I've made in previous posts about the music of the French Antilles. The music that I've been calling Zouk is not Zouk but cadence. Zouk is a sound that matured in the '80s and relied more on synths than the big bands that appear on these records. Having said all that, I try not to get too hung up on labels, my favourite stuff tends to be that which doesn't sit neatly in any particular category, wriggling about defying adequate description and confounding expectations.

Todays album is great tropical funk that features some really mindbending keyboard sounds and that niggling, itchy beat that really distinguishes these Caribbean bands. Les Aiglons were apparently one of the most popular party bands on Guadeloupe, and the crowd on the cover certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.


01 Cuisse La
02 En Pe Ke Couper Bab La
03 Lidy
04 Yo Vouai Ou
05 Ti Claudette
06 Mes Illusions

Get it HERE!


icastico said...

Like what I hear so far.

Skin I'm In said...
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Skin I'm In said...

nice, great site!

Buns O'Plenty

jeanluc said...

Nice album of them.
The rhythm is Cadence it is based on haitian compas, they made ful horn section popular. The second tune is a Beguine that's typical antillais. The last is a Slow, to me it is similar to Belero.

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for the info Jeanluc. It's always great to find out more about this music, which we in England don't get to hear too often.

tommy said...

Hi i wanted to rip & post this record on my blog too but you've beat me to it :) so i linked your blog on mine, hope you don't mind.Keep up the great work!

tika said...

Thanks !!

I have been looking for this record for a long long time. I was in Martinique when this alum came out. "Cuisse La" was a great hit, and was played in every party I went to for many years.

Great find!


Anonymous said...

thanks very good music

~ Angelina Vanky ~ said...

This link is broken! :/

~ Angelina Vanky ~ said...

This link is broken!

ofallenbranch said...

Please, would you be kind enough to put this record available for download again ?... The link is broken, and I would love to hear this LP.