Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Louie Austen - Consequences (Cheap 1999)

This is a strange thing. Sinatra obsessed middle aged rat-pack wannabe crooning over sci-fi lounge sounds and messed up electronica. Notes of a dirty old man and heartbroken whisky soaked tales of loneliness and regret. Louie Austen still makes music, but what I've heard has had smoother, more polished sound. This, his debut album on Patrick Pulsinger's Cheap label, is an all together darker affair, all crunchy beats and Blade Runner-esque retro futurism.


01 Hear My Song
02 My Life in 3 40
03 When You Walked Away
04 Remember
05 Holdin' On
06 I'm a Star
07 Northern Sunrise
08 u're an Alien
09 Where is Love
10 Sinatra 3000

Check it out!

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pol said...

thanks for this awesome piece of work!