Sunday, 26 April 2009

O Astro - Soundtrack LP (Rita Lee, Helio Matheus, Clara Nunes, Beth Carvalho and more)

This scratchy old record is the soundtrack to a Brazilian TV mini series from 1977-78 and it features some of the best Brazilian musicians and singers of the period, including ex-Mutantes singer Rita Lee. There's some pretty smooth stuff on here...lots of strings and really thick production on songs that range from slow ballads, to saucy funk and full on samba mayhem. It's well worth a listen.

Here's the opening credits from the TV show:

And here's a clip of Rita Lee looking pretty wasted in the mid-'70s:

This is some great footage of Beth Carvalho:

And this is the Tracklist:

01 Um Jeito Estupido de te Amar - Maria Bethania
02 Que Pena - Peninha
03 Saco de Feijao - Beth Carvalho
04 Estado de Fotografia - Vanusa
05 Nega - Emilio Santiago
06 As Forcas da Natureza - Clara Nunes
07 Bijuterias - Joao Bosco
08 Trocando Em Mudos - Francis Hime
09 Boi Da Cara Branca - Helio Matheus
10 Ambicao - Rita Lee
11 E Hora - Djavan
12 Olha - Marilia Barbosa
13 Enredo de Pirraca - Elza Soares
14 Mais Uma Vez - Marizinha

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

Download is not possible.... rapidshare again!

Mr Tear said...

Not sure what the violation of terms could be...maybe its still available on cd somewhere. Oh well. For some reason this album was the least popular I've ever posted, only 6 people downloaded it. A shame because it has some really killer tracks. I'll try and reupload in the next couple of weeks so keep checking back.

Simon666 said...

Hello there, would love to hear this one if you do get the chance. Just discovered your wornderful blog, downloading a few things and will be back with some comments later (so yes, I'm one of those people asking for a re-up without having commented yet - I'll rectify that). Thanks for all your work.

Mr Tear said...

The link should work now!

Simon666 said...

Hey Mr Tear -
many thanks for putting this back up : ) Great stuff, particularly like the Djavan and Emilio Santiago tracks!