Monday, 6 April 2009

Sunny Ade & His Green Spot Band - Master Guitarist Vol. 5

Well, its been too long, so here's another phenomenal album from the juju maestro, the Minister of Enjoyment, King Sunny Ade. This one was released in the very early '70s and has a lovely organic sound that I've been enjoying immensely.

o1 Late Dr Nkrumah
02 Ka Ma Buni Lole
03 I. S. Adewale
04 Olulade Wilkey

05 Sunny Special
06 Owo Ko Nife
07 Awon Ti Won Yo
08 Alhaja Bintu

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

Lovely juju...thanks as always.

P. Alonzo said...

this is so cool and exciting.

InnaSoul said...



I came across my first KSA record Juju Music in the late 80s on a market in Leicester, blown away. Ja Funmi ...

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Tear. The link seems to be dead on this one - or at least I'm getting a 404 error message. Any chance of e re-up?

Cheers, David.

Anonymous said...

In fact all your "" links seem to have gone the same way. Maybe there's a temporary problem with that website.


Mr Tear said...

Hi David,
I tried the links and they all seem to be working fine now, though I did get an error message saying that too many people were d/l ing files from rapidshare and I' have to try again later.
I suggest you try again and if you have no luck then post another comment and I'll see what I can do.
Mr Tear

Anonymous said...

You're right - it's fine now.

Thanks, David.

John Campbell said...

Just love KSA. This link seems to be dead. Any chance of getting it back? Many thanks for your uploads.

Anonymous said...

Dear mr Tear,

I enjoyed the King Sunny Ade files on your blog a lot. I love juju but in Belgium it's extremely hard to find. besides some of your posts which are not dead I only managed to find the Synchro System album. Is it possible to post this older work from him again and rather not with rapid share as those files are extremely slow , if at all, to download. If it is not possible I would like to thank you anyway for all the great music that I have discovered through your blog.Music I would otherwise never have been able to know.

Muvet said...

Still any hope to wake up this link ? It would be really appreciated.

tek said...

i second muvet above. world peace through comprehensive universal access to sunny ade!!! please revive the link to an album ot available elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

is this blog still alive? if so I am really curious to hear this slab. vol's 1-4 are amazing, esp vol. 4. 5 looks tasty.....reup?