Saturday, 11 April 2009

Another Chapter in the Lives and Times of Captain Beefheart (Archive Productions 1989)

What a treat! Here's a double album of rare Beefheart, outakes from 1966 and 1971, and a great Peel session from '67.

Here's a couple of tasters to get you in the mood:


Side 1:

  1. Somebody In My Home
  2. Somebody's Leaving
  3. Call On Me (alternate version)
  4. Sure 'Nuff & Yes I Do (alternate version)
  5. Yellow Brick Road (alternate version)
  6. Plastic Factory (alternate version)

Side 2:

  1. Yellow Brick Road
  2. Abba Zabba
  3. Sure 'Nuff & Yes I Do
  4. Safe As Milk
  5. Kandy Korn
  6. Trust Us

Side 3:

  1. Funeral Hill #1
  2. Drink Paint Run Run
  3. Can't Do This Unless I Can Do That
  4. Dirty Blue Gene
  5. Sun Zoom Spark
  6. Kiss Me My Love (2 Lips in a Haystack) [note: not listed on cover or label]

Side 4:

  1. Little Scratch
  2. Sun Zoom Spark (jam version)
  3. Little Scratch (instrumental)
  4. Flaming Autograph (instrumental)
  5. Best Batch Yet (instrumental)
Get record 1 HERE and record 2 HERE.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, what a drop. Thanks a million.


dugg said...

wow- this looks like an amazing collection... thanks a lot for sharing so much brilliant music!