Saturday, 25 April 2009

Mirwood: The Sound of Swinging Hollywood (Inferno Soul Club 1984)

This is a collection of Northern Soul classics originally issued in the 1960s on the Hollywood label Mirwood. Northern Soul: Black American music but a White working class dance phenomena here in England. The sound came to be associated with the all night dance parties of Northern venues such as The Wigan Casino or the Twisted Wheel in Manchester.

Here's a fascinating ITV documentary that places the all-nighters into the bleak social context of '70s Britain and really shows the parallels with the early uk rave scene:

Anyway, the Mirwood album kicks out a joyful noise, heartfelt stomping soul music thats heavy on the vibes.


01 That Beatin' Rhythm - Richard Temple
02 The Duck - Jackie Lee
03 Where There's a Will - Jimmy Thomas
04 My Sugar Baby - Sherlie Matthews
05 The Same Old Thing - The Olympics
06 I Can't Get Away - Bobby Garrett
07 He's Alright With Me - The Mirettes
08 Would You Believe - Jackie Lee
09 Don't Pretend - The Belles
10 My Little Girl - Bobby Garrett
11 Ooh Honey Baby - Earl Cosby
12 Cigarette Ashes - Jimmy Conwell
13 Baby Do The Philly Dog - The Olympics
14 Words Can't explain - The Belles
15 Oh My Darlin' - Jackie Lee
16 Do The Temptation Walk - Jackie Lee

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Anonymous said...

Howdy lovely blog. Is there anychance of a new link for this?

Mr Tear said...

Hey! The link to this lovely album should work now.