Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bohannon - Bohannon's Best (Brunswick 1975)

Hamilton Bohannon was a drummer, a band leader and producer who started out with Motown in 1965 working as a drummer for Stevie Wonder and as an arranger for many of the label's top acts. Bn 1972 Detroit was no longer a booming centre of industry, but a symbol of urban blight and post-industrial decline; poverty, deprivation, rioting and crime all played a part in creating a new image for the city as one of the most dangerous in America. In 1972, Motown Records left Detroit to Los Angeles. Hamilton Bohannon stayed behind to form his own band with other Motown refugees. The resulting music is some of the uncompromising dance music of the era. This stuff was popular in the inner city discos and dancehalls, but there is nothing fluffy about these rhythms. This is hard-edged, stripped down, lean and aggressive dancefloor funk, rough and dirty, the real sound of '70s Motortown.

Here's a little taste:

Track list:

01 The Stop & Go
02 Keep on Dancing
03 South Africa Man
04 Disco Stomp
05 Truck Stop
06 Getting to the Other Side
07 Footstompin' Music
08 Happy Feeling
09 The Pimp Walk
10 Have a Good Day

Get it HERE.


Kowalsky said...

Hi there. I'm a friend of Rodrigo, here in Brazil. He told me about your blog. There's a huge post about Bohannon at my blog too. Check it out: http://www.cemporcento.org/2008/11/bohannon-arquiteto-do-disco-funk/

Kowalsky said...

Thanks for checking out the 100% blog. It's in portuguese, yes, but i think you should be able to navigate thru sound clips anyway. If you want, check out my mixtapes page at Virb: http://virb.com/kowalsky. There's a couple of disco mixes there. Another tip, for old (and classic) brazilian records is the Loronix blog. The link is in my blogroll. Cheers.

Kowalsky said...

Sure, the download links are pretty obvious. :-) As you could see at my mixes page, disco is not my only cup of tea either. You can see a lot of other styles, like dubstep, grime, techno, acid and electrofunk in those mixes. Cheers.

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