Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton (1985)

I'm afraid I've been having trouble uploading to Mediafire at the minute, so this great album's been uploaded to Rapidshare. Sorry in advance to anyone who finds themself having to wait to download this. But I will say, this on IS worth a little wait...absolutely fantastic British reggae from straight out of the Ariwa studios in Peckham. Pato Banton works some lyrical magic over the Professor's super tight digital dub workouts. My favourite tune on the album is 'My Opinion', it has this violin snaking about in the background that just makes me go weak at the knees:


01 Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton

02 Gwarn! (Go On)

03 Nuff Kind Of Dread

04 King Step

05 Give Me Oil

06 My Opinion

Get it HERE


icastico said...

good stuff.

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT. It's been on repeat for last two days.

Thanks for showing this.

Steve Pile said...

ditto on the "repeat" tip. gotta get some more of this early pato stuff.
and everything mad professor touches is gold.

viagra online said...

Excellent men thanks, this band really rocks I really like it, even in 90s they have been listen a lot.

DoctorBastardo said...

Cor! Nice one. This was the soundtrack to my life for a good few years. Mad Professor once chalenged me to a game of pinball, in Exeter Cavern. He was all, like not bothered, summting to kill five minutes... BUT He was a friggin demon at it man. After my rubbish 1st go his go (1st ball) lasted half an hour! To the the point where the promoter had to get him, he looked at me and told me to claim the high score! I didnt, I put MadProf up on the machine. I saw Pato back in the early 90s but I cant remember if it was Sunsplash in Brighton or Tribute to Bob Marley gig at a hall on the beach at St Austell in Cornwall. Thanks for tunes brother. ACTUALLY! Any chance of re-upping mebbe to media fire please.

Mr Tear said...

Hey Doctor Bastardo,
Lovely to hear your recollections.
Hope the album is as good as you remember it. Here is a mediafire link:


Manolo Floyd said...

Big thanks!!

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