Thursday, 6 May 2010

Mataya Clifford - Star Fell from Heaven (1976)

This is a weird, mixed up mess of loads of different sounds and styles, all of which must have filtered through the ears of Mataya Clifford during his 1970s in Ladbroke Grove. The music here is sometimes kind of funk-rock, sometimes soulful and awash with mad strings, there's some reggae influences in there, and then the whole lot has this SOUND that is very pub-rock, or maybe influenced by the Notting Hill community bands of the period. I don't know. Maybe its none of these things and just some shonky old record I found in a flea market.

You decide:


01. Star Fell From Heaven
02. Black Woman
03. Things Are Going My Way
04. Amazing Grace
05. Mama (Stay A Little While)
06. Just A Little Love
07. Running
08. Little Girl
09. Lost Child

Get it HERE.


Marcos said...

Hello friend, i wanna say thank you for this post!
mataya Clifford music is very nice, i like it very much, i dance with my self in my bedroom,great post and great job on this blog...Congratulations an thank's again!!!
From Brazil, Marcos Eduardo Rinaldiungst

Michael said...

Can you please re-upload this download because It keep saying decompression failed then when I try to download it again it says no permission to read file! thanks

Mr Tear said...

Hi Marcos, glad you're enjoying this strange album.
Michael, I've just downloaded it and had no problems, so I think you should try it again. If you have the same trouble then leave another comment and I will repost as soon as I can. :)

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Viagra Online without prescription said...

I agree this is so weird but it's excellent!! I like because the cover album is perfect and colorful it seems like a rainbow, actually I feel so identified with because I'm a gay.

Anonymous said...

hi i'm hunting for an album by this guy-it contains a track called morrison and i think it had a whitish sleeve-it was odd[as u say this is]but very addictive-this is the only sign of him in the whole google world lol .so i'll check this out-thanks

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