Saturday, 5 June 2010

La Sonora Dinamita - !Mirala Como Va!

"...'drug effects' are manifest in many forms and are discernible across the body of culture in general, in the subjective movements of expressed thought, and in the objective consequences of culture's being on drugs in the first place - something reflected in all the cultural products and events, and the social and political practices engendered or orchestrated by them...As drugs are as ubiquitous to modern culture as they were to ancient and premodern cultures, just about any aspect of that culture is, at least in principle, approachable from the point of view of its articulations with or by drugs"

(D. Boothroyd - Culture on Drugs: Narco-Cultural Studies of High Modernity p2-5)

Today's album seems a million miles from the previous cumbias I posted back in September last year. Is it the sound of a people high on the profits of the cocaine industry? Clean and shiny, all shimmering surface and glittering smiles, this music could only have been made at the height of the era of neo-liberal economics and rough possessive individualism, when the city of Medellin was humming with the euphoria of easy money and the blood of the unfortunates caught in the crossfire.

A little like cocaine, this music is also fascinating and irresistable:


01 Mirala Como Va
02 Se Acabo Mi Amor
03 El Morraito
04 El Ciclon
05 No Mi Digas Que No
06 Pa La Cumbia
07 La Suerte Para
08 El Cheveron
09 Maluca
10 Te Pille, Pilla
11 Que Viva el Amor
12 A Orillas Del Rio

Get it HERE.


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La Sonora Dinamita is a Colombian cumbia group. As one of the first cumbia groups to reach international success, I had a friend in the University , she was Latin , she loved to dance the music of this band, it was so sexy !!!22dd

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