Sunday, 13 June 2010

Marjono & his Boys - Salina VII

Can't find much info about Marjono or his boys, other than Marjono was/possibly is an Indonesian flautist and saxophonist who appeared to be active throughout the '60s and '70s. I think I really like this album, although I haven't quite made up my mind. Marjono's sax playing is like treacle, thick and sweet and sugar-coating all of the other sounds, but when you listen deeper, there are these beautiful keyboard and bass things bubbling away in the background. In my fevered imaginings, I see Marjono and his boys playing underneath the lights and glitterballs of the basement bars of expensive Kuala Lumpur hotels, while disinterested ex-colonels sip cocktails and try to ignore their extravagantly coiffured wives.


01 Es Lilin
02 Ani - Ani
03 Sapu Tangan
04 Renunganku
05 Midnite Serenade
06 Djali Djali
07 Tidurlah Intan
08 Sapu Lida
09 Djauh Di Mata
10 Selalu Disampingmu
11 Derita Tjinta
12 Selendang Sutra

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

I like these "loungy" sounds. However, the 1st track would not extract ("file is corrupt").

viny said...

SlnVFtrngMrjn&HsBys error arhiv file

Mr Tear said...

I'll see if I can fix the problem when I get home from work tonight.

icastico said...

Love the images in the video.

Mr Tear said...

To those who have had difficulties with the zip folder:
I can't find any problems with the file so I would appreciate it if you would try to download it again. If you still have trouble with it then post another comment and I'll re-upload a new zip.
Thanks people!

Anonymous said...

I dl'd again, the first track is still corrupted. the other tracks are extractable still, though.

Victoria said...

I am just over the moon about this album. It's sweet, mellow, and wonderfully otherworldly.

(And yeah, I'm having trouble with the first track as well.)

Mr Tear said...

OK, the post now contains a new link to a new zip, so hopefully you'll all be able to hear the all important first song (which happens to be my favourite piece on the album - it has a gamelan feel to it).
Let me know if it works.

Richard said...

Most of this is lounge-jazz-inflected "keroncong" in the style called "langgam jawa" the developed in Central Java in the 1920s. But the cuts "Es Lilin" and "Djali djali" are in the Sunda (west end of the island of Java) style of popular music called "degung," which is more typically played on a Sundanese gamelan ensemble. Don't know the artist Marjono or the date of the recording, but most likely sometime before 1965.

Fun stuff!

Simon said...

Could someone upload it again?

Kind regards, Simon

Mr Tear said...

Hi Simon,
The link should work now and i hope you enjoy it.

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