Saturday, 4 September 2010

Mystery Melodisc Afro-Cuban Collection

I can't tell you much about this complilation album as I can't find anything about it anywhere on the internet. I can tell you that I was in two minds about whether or not to buy it, the lack of information anywhere on the sleeve or labels made me suspect it might be '70s easy listening faux-latin stuff, luckily that's not the case and what we seem to be treated to is a lovely collection of groovy Cuban 78s. And very good some of these songs are too. I can tell you that the version of The Peanut Vendor included here is a 1930s recording of the Havana Casino Orchestra, and Romantica Mujer is performed by Sexteto Tipico Habanera. Not that those names mean anything to me. More info would be greatly appreciated.


01 Peanut Vendor
02 Babalu'
03 Chili Sauce
04 El Aguacero
05 Baionga
06 Baiao
07 India Inglesa
08 Tico Tico
09 Mi Cafetal
10 Brazil
11 Romantica Mujer
12 Maria Cristina

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

Nice stuff. Perfect for grillin' chicken (experimentally proven today).

Mr Tear said...

Hope the chicken was finger lickin' good! I think that good sounds are essential to the preparation of any meal.

zim said...

My guess is that these are from Victor GV series - these were hugely influential in africa (see the Topic CD - "Out of Cuba: Latin American Music Takes Africa by Storm") and would make sense as Melodisc put out a number of LPs aimed at the african/west indian market. There's info on the series here:

also info on the Havana Casino Orchestra on the wiki post on the el manicero:

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for the info Zim. What you say makes complete sense and now you mentioned it I remember that the GV series is discussed a couple of times in Gary Stewart's excellent book, Rumba on the River, as is the popularity of The Peanut Vendor. Thanks for your enlightening comments, its always great to be able to put the music into historical/cultural context, as well as having it as our soundtrack to the production of a good meal!

legrandmaitre said...

The track "Baionga" is Shake Keane - from 1955.
Very nice LP.... many thanks for sharing.

Mr Tear said...

Grand Master! Thanks for the info, its much appreciated. And you're right this is a great album and I wish I was able to find some info about it, or at least some record of its existence.

-=estrella=- said...

The sog Babalu is, yes believe it or not from: Desi Arnaz

-=estrella=- said...

Sorry for the previous post, please delete that one :-)

I did a bit of research:

Babalu' is performed by Desi Arnaz
India Inglesa is performed by Septeto Habanero

The other songs are performed by several artists but the version from this compilation I couldn't find.
You might find more info here:

I know it's a lot of info but maybe it is of any use to you :-)

FredrikO said...

Here's a great list of the G.V. series.

Here's what I've gathered:

1. Don Azpiazu & His Havana Casino Orchestra
2. Desi Arnaz & His Orchestra
3. Don Carlos & His Orchestra
4. Los Magos Chucho Guillermo y José
5. Shake Keane & His Highlifers
6. Luiz Gonzaga
7. Sexteto Habanero
8. Desi Arnaz & His Orchestra
9. Los Magos Chucho Guillermo y José
10. Desi Arnaz & His Orchestra [probably]
11. Sexteto Habanero
12. Don Carlos & His Orchestra

Mr Tear said...

Hey Frederiko, thanks for all this invaluable info and sorry its taken such a long time to reply...I've been mega busy!

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