Friday, 29 October 2010

A.R. Kane - 69 (1988)

A.R. Kane dubbed their sound dream-pop, and that's about as good a description as I can think of. This music has the strange and elusive quality of something you might hear during sleep, its a bizarre and wonderful mix of disparate sounds that create something unique and surreal. There are elements of shimmering melodic pop, fragments of reggae and funk, ghostly smears of electronic noise and washes of atonal guitar. Echoes of echoes of echoes. And like in dreams there are disembodied and seemingly random scraps of the real creeping around - the song Baby Milk Snatcher may or may not be a song about Margaret Thatcher.

Check out the gorgeous Spermwhale Trip Over:


A1 Crazy Blue
A2 Suicide Kiss
A3 Baby Milk Snatcher
A4 Scab
A5 Sulliday
B1 Dizzy
B2 Spermwhale Trip Over
B3 The Sun Falls Into The Sea
B4 The Madonna Is With Child
B5 Spanish Quay (3)

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

I had forgotten about these folks.
Just added them to the Rhapsody play list...thanks for the reminder.

Tim said...

My download expanded to an empty folder called 'R'. Any clues what happened?

Anonymous said...

following up on that last comment the empty 'R' folder still read as being 74 MB. I kept re-opening the zip and all it did was take away more HD space but no files appeared.

Mr Tear said...

Hello people, sorry you're having problems with this album. You should find a folder by the name of .R.Kn-69 inside the zip file. If that's not what's in there then I have no clue as to what might be going on. I just downloaded the zip from mediafire to test it out and I had no problems, so I suggest you delete the zip, re-download it and hopefully the problem will be solved. If not, then post another comment and I will rezip the files and post another copy.

Anonymous said...

downloaded again, same result. after unzipping, a file titled R with no contents and yet still lists as 77.4 MB

Mr Tear said...

Icastico, I hope you're enjoying this trippy treat.
All you folks who are having problems with this one, I will try to upload an alternative zip file tonight when I return home from The Grind.
Watch this space.

Mr Tear said...

Anybody who has had trouble unzipping the sounds should try this zip:

Hope this one works better for y'all.

Anonymous said...

sorry, same problems persist. thanks for trying again anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Same problem here. :-/

Anonymous said...

Ok, after further investigation I know what's the problem and how to fix it.
I suppose all the people having problem - like me - are on a Mac, right?
Basically, the problem is with the .R.KN-69 folder. If you put a period at the beginning of a file name, MacOSX sees it as an hidden folder.
To fix this issue, run this string in the terminal:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -boolean true;killall Finder

You should be able to see the folder. Just remove the period and you're done.
Run this string to remove the ability to see hidden files:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -boolean false;killall Finder

Mr Tear said...

Many thanks for unleashing your skills on this one. I hope that solves the problem for anyone who wanted to hear this great album.

Andres Clemente said...

I would love to get this record. i have just learn about A R Kane and i really like their stuff. i am listening to the record "i" and loving it so much. I really want to listen 69. If someone can upload it it would be brilliant!

Mr Tear said...

Hi Andres,
The link should work now. Hope you enjoy it.
X Mr Tear

Anonymous said...


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