Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Marehemu George Mukabi - Sengula Nakupenda

George Mukabi (Musical Career 1956 to 1963)
Marehemu George Mukabi was born in Kisa near Kakamega. In his short musical career he recorded less than 30 songs. Each and every one of them without exception was a HIT. His first recording Sengula Nakupenda recorded in 1956 by AGS sold over 100,000 copies within a period of two years.

This record has been rereleased many times ver the years. It has never lost its popularity and even today after 25 years it is just as popular. George's name became so popular that I believe there isn't one musical fan who does not recognise his unique style of music.

George was a truly gifted artist and his Lyrics were that of a genius. he mixed emotions of joy love and tragedy which are truly part of everybody's life. His gift was that of a Unique Style of plucking a Guitar and combined with his Lyrics reached almost everybody's heart.

George Mukabi was tragically killed in 1963. Although in body he died his music shall live forever in hearts of all music lovers.

In this album the Producers AGS give just some of his masterpieces. We hope his music moves you as it has done thousands of others over the years.

This chap's music is a total joy. Gorgeous, playful vocals and a swinging, fingerpicked guitar make this one a real winner. And the crackles on this dirty old chunk of vinyl are a little reminiscent of a campfire if you wish hard enough.


01 Kweli Ndugu
02 Sengula Nakupendu
03 Ruben Achieng
04 Asante Kwa Wazazi
05 Kusema Wongo
06 Kuowa Tuna Owa
07 Omulanga Wamuka
08 Kunya Kidogo
09 Tuli Saliwa Vijano Tano
10 Furaha Wenye Gita
11 Bibi Mama Ngani Mzuri
12 A.G.S. Recodi Africa
13 Bibi Mzuri Nyumbani
14 Sis Na Malenya (by Peter Akwabi)

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Noah said...

holy this is good, touching, thanks

joe said...

Love this. Thank you so much.

øשlqæda said...

loving this now. merci

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! Great stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

incredible music. simple, moving. wish there was more info on the artist available. "tragically killed"?

Jo/No said...

Wow, sounds utterly lovely! Had not heard hom before. Thanks for the discovery, lightened up my evening!

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for all the comments. These really are some quite special songs that are continuing to grow on me. One of these songs appeared on a Mississippi records compilation LP a few years ago, but this was brought back from Kenya by a friend of mine, so we can all count ourselves lucky.

Kurt said...

Really enjoying this one.

L said...

Added my voice to the chorus of gratitude for this one.

Anonymous said...

Could you please repost! I need this album in my life!

Mr Tear said...

Hi folks,
Well, mediafire are really doing a job on the files.
I'm reupping this one as we speak and the link should work again very shortly. I don't think this beauty should be unavailable for long.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-upping dude!

Mr Tear said...

No problem, hope you enjoy it.

Beak said...

Absolutely wonderful. Totally earnest and fully musical at the same time- like the best delta blues of the 20s and 30s. Thanks for sharing.

Jaime said...

Merci beaucoup

Alex said...

Could I trouble you to post this once again? I'd so love to hear it.

BONJOUR said...

could you please repost? thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

please please re upload? its impossible to find!

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antoine marchalot said...

Same here!
Please re-upload!
WOuld love to listen to more of him