Saturday, 11 June 2011

Groupe Archach

Here is another of the cassettes I picked up in Marrakech recently. This is vintage stuff from Ali Chouhad and Groupe Archach. Beautiful, meditative and poetic Tachelhit music from the Souss region - fantastic banjo going on here and great percussion, if you liked Izenzaren, you'll love this. This one looks like it was first released in the early '80s judging by the fashions on display in the cover photograph.

I posted a more recent cd by this group some time ago, and that one is wonderful too.

Here's some fantastic archive footage of the band in action to whet your appetite:

Archache "Agharas issoutln orass nzdar" by titrit_2


Side One: Ash-Shabab / Arja f-Llahi
Side Two: Temment Noujdik / Alili war l-Khayr

In the meanwhile, get it HERE.


Grumpy said...

I think the first track is "Al Shabab" (pronounced AshShabab) and the last two words of the second track are "fi Allah" but can't help with the other two tracks, I'm afraid.

tim abdellah said...

Here's what I see/hear. I dont' speak Tachelhit, but can match the Arabic script with what I hear on the tape. And many of these words are shared with Arabic:

1) Ash-Shabab / Arja f-Llahi
2) Temment Noujdik / Alili war l-Khayr

Thanks again! Never heard this group before. (Not sure how I missed your previous post.) Nice stuff!

Mr Tear said...

Thanks again Tim for taking the time. Hope you're enjoying the sounds.

øשlqæda said...

we are certainly enjoying the sounds. merci m. tear

Anonymous said...

the album really holds up after repeated listens. one of my favorites from your vaults. your good work on this website has pointed me in the direction of so much incredible music. many, many thanks

Mr Tear said...

Thanks for the feedback Paul. Hope you'll keep coming back for more of the good stuff.

David said...

What a fantastic album. Really strong songs, I will be coming back to it many times I hope!!

Thank you for the opportunity

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