Monday, 2 March 2009

Ali Chouhad & Archach - Tamgra Wochn

This is another of the cds we brought back from the Anti-Atlas mountains. It is Amazigh music from the Souss Valley in the south of the Morocco and it's very beautiful...great drumming and fantastic banjo. It's also a bit more mellow than the Fatima Tabaamrante album that was posted in January. As you might guess from the photo on the cover of the cd, Ali's music is a bit more reflective and maybe philosophical than Fatima's righteously angry songs of injustice and indignation. Anyway, check it out if you're interested. Here's a little taster:


01 Igudad Nwihrane
02 Tamgra Wochn
03 Todr Toudrt
04 Akal N'Touzont
05 Agadir Ninflass
06 Bab N'Tarwa

Get it HERE!


icastico said...

Great stuff.

I will do a shameless plug for my old band para!helion. We were just trying to channel this vibe....

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Icastico, glad you like the cd. I'll try and check out your Para!Helion stuff, and also sort out a link to your lovely blog. You certainly have been busy over the years!

icastico said...

It only looks like I've been busy because I am old ;^)

Much more to come (uhm...really old?)...Maybe even some new stuff...