Thursday, 26 March 2009

Daudi Kabaka & His T.B. Eagles - Kenyafrica! (Playasound 1977)

I think this may be a compilation of Benga sounds from '60s Kenya. It's beautiful, lilting stuff with great guitar playing and a latin feel, sweet like the rumba of Congo. Strangely, the first song here 'Helule Helule' was covered by Essex beat group The Tremeloes. Their version hit number 14 on the hit parade in 1968 and must have been popular on Dagenham dancefloors with its freaky blend of afro breaks, harmonies and Byrds-ish rickenbacker:

Don't let that stop you checking out Daudi Kabaka...


01 Helule Helule
02 Njoo Mpenzy Mary
03 African Twist
04 Msichana Wa Elim
05 Nyama Kilo Moja
06 Bachelor Boy

07 Second Hand Material
08 Kujisifu Ulevini
09 Mirija Ya Mapenzi
10 Safari Ya Nigeria
11 Kazi Ngumu
12 Spare Tyre

Get it HERE.


Timothy said...

This music is priceless. Thanks a million for sharing. As you look around flea markets, I hope you'll find an album by "Fundi Konde" another East African great. If you do, please post the tracks right here!

Mr Tear said...

Thanks Timothy, glad you're enjoying the beautiful music of Daudi Kabaka. I'll certainly keep my eyes peeled for Fundi Konde records...but what the I end up stumbling across in the charity shops, flea markets and boot sales is ultimately out of my hands. Thankfully, because I like the surprises.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much - had to come back to tell you how much I am enjoying this one - will be playing it for a long long time - neighbours beware :)

jonesy said...

mr tear-
outstanding! thanks so much for this one. been playing it on repeat since downloading.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your great work!

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