Friday, 27 March 2009

Something Weird - Two more 'free' singles.

I quite like these odd little interludes where confusion can reign for a few moments. This first mp3 is both sides of another single that came with a 1992 issue of Bananafish. The magazine and the record sleeve are long lost, but the record's a winner...warped, outsider sounds that turn the head to soup.

Tracks: Eye Yamatsuka - Untitled/Merchants of the New Bizarre - Jimmy Carter/Lee Ranaldo - Deva, Spain Fragments/The Easygoings - Bigfoot & Popcorn Medley/Dead C - Puberty/Gate - That's Gate/Dead C - This Map/Mr Freeman's Pink Underwear - Untitled

As if all that wasn't enough, here's another 'free' record that came with an issue of a muso rag called Chemical Imbalance back in 1993. This one has non of the charming garbled tape hiss and crazed skits that grace the bananafish records, just a bunch of tracks by:

Kicking Giant - Rapid C/ Faust - Live, Hamburg 10-90/ Kicking Giant - Background, Moving Quickly/ Pavement - My Radio/ Sun City Girls - Swing of Kings/ T.V. Personalities - Girl on a Motorcycle

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