Sunday, 15 March 2009

Soweto - Various Artists (Zensor/Rough Trade 1982)

This compilation from 1982 is a total treasure. Here's what Robert Christgau had to say back when the album was released:

"It's fair to assume that these fourteen crude, tuneful little singles, released six or seven years ago out of a Johannesburg record shop and featuring a writer-producer named Wilbur Dlamini and a backing band of Jo'burg Zulus called the Bamalangabis, are typical of nothing. They're apolitical except by their sheer existence, mostly small-group instrumental, with guitar, sax, and organ leads. Not too clearly recorded, either. And they're delightful. It's possible Dlamini is a lost genius. It's also possible that when I've heard more music from South Africa's hellish black urban work zones I'll find him minor or derivative. But what's certain is that a lot of very talented people are getting lost in black South Africa. Ain't capitalism grand?"
Check out this fuzzy monster from the album:


A1 New Lucky Boys Jane
A2 Kid Bera-Bera And Mister King Jerroo Katanga Country

Backing Group - Bamalangabis, The
A3 Unknown Artist Nobamba
A4 Unknown Artist Wilburforce

Backing Group - Bamalangabis, The
A5 S. Tshabalala Bonakele

Backing Group - Bamalangabis, The
A6 Unknown Artist Saulsville

Backing Group - Bamalangabis, The
A7 New Lucky Boys Indoda
B1 Steven Phiri Malangabi D-One

Backing Group - Bamalangabis, The
B2 S. Tshabalala Ukwenza Kwendoda

Backing Group - Bamalangabis, The
B3 John Motha Zulu Boy
B4 Unknown Artist Queen Shikwambani
B5 Elfas Zondi Umkumbani

Backing Group - Bamalangabis, The
Saul Malapane And Mister King Jerroo
Here We Come

Backing - Abafana Bamalangabi
B7 A.M'Kosane Amaswti Special

Backing Group - Bamalangabis, The

Get it HERE.


icastico said...

Lots of the South African stuff is too slick for my tastes...this one sounds like it has enough rough edges to get me over that hump.

Mr Tear said...

Yep, this album is rough and ready and all the better for it. Like I said, I didn't know much music from SOweto...all i'd ever heard before had been Ladysmith Black Mambozo and all that Paul Simon schtuff. BUt now i'm showing my ignorance.

Pete said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I used to have it in the 80s and have been missing it. It really should be re-released.

Mikey said...

I talked to the people at the Rough Trade shop shortly after this was discontinued. They said the money from this compilation went to the wrong people so it's unlikely to ever be rereleased.

Anonymous said...

is there any chance for re-uploading this compilation (I've looked and looked for it for ages without any results)? The link is unfortunately dead now...

Very grateful,