Wednesday, 22 February 2012

E.K's Band - Sankofa (Go Back and Retrieve)

Here is a groovy slice of Ghanaian Highlife from one of the originators of the form. E.K. Nyame started performing in the late '40s, formed his own band in the '50s and brought respectability to the music of the palm-wine bars. Here you'll find spidery, picked guitars, mandolin, thumping double bass, super afro-latin percussion, theatrical harmonising and gorgeous clarinet. This album appears to be re-recordings of some of E.K. Nyame's earlier hits, but I have no clue as to when the tracks were originally recorded, or re-recorded for that matter.


01 Small Boy Nye Me Bia
02 Onipa a Oyee Me Mahu Wo
03 Maye Maye Minni Aye
04 To Menna Mu Awurade
05 Minni Agya Minni Nna
06 Amane A Mahu
07 Awurade Iesu Beba
08 Boafo Yena
09 Onipa A Ode Nade
10 Nokware Asa
11 Agya Nyame Ni Wakyi
12 Owuo Busuoni

Get it HERE.

I have started using a new file storage site so please let me know how well it works and how easy it is to access the files.
Thanks in advance.


Pius Adoyo said...

Thanks for diversifying, and this ensures stability and longevity of the african music shared! The new storage system "ZIP" works well and the file is easily unpackable.
Keep it up
Adoyo P.A.
Nairobi Kenya

Jakob said...

Thanks, the new storage system works fine - very simple and works better than the likes of Rapidshare for example.

dailyleftover said...

one of my favorite highlife vocalists, thx!
ZIP works fast & smoothy! you adfraid rapid goes down like rapid?

Anonymous said...

Easy DL; thank you for the album!

Anonymous said...

this file no longer seems to exist. any chance you could re-up it?

Mr Tear said...

Hi there,
The link should work now.

Anonymous said...

A thousand thanks for the re-up! Lovely stuff.

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