Friday, 6 April 2012

I Seek to Know this World

Here's this week's exciting flea market find, a lovely album by The Doves. This crackly old (1979) record is full of some bubbling Nigerian reggae/funk/highlife grooves with plenty of wah-wah and mooginess. You can read more about the group over at Comb & Razor.


01 Life Is Gone
02 I Seek To Know This World
03 Strange Land
04 True Love Is Gone
05 The Urge To Sing Our Music
06 Living Together
07 I Shall Be Free
08 Lawrence Rest In Peace

Get it HERE.


litlgrey said...

Sounds YUM!

grooVemonzter said...


Frank "dr.crackle" said...

thanks for this! is there still any chance for a re-up of those other african music from your older posts? for example Kalos et Buffalo - Afric Music Vol 2.

zim said...

I want to add my thanks for this funkiness too, and as long as folks are asking for re-ups can I ask for this one:
Langa Langa Stars - Verckys presente Stars Langa Langa Vol. 1 (1981?)

Mr Tear said...

Hi all,

The Kalos et Buffalo LP is now back on line and the Langa Langa Stars will follow soon.

Stay well y'all!

TEA said...

Selling a copy here!

JP said...

This is really great -- thank a lot! The last track actually makes me kinda sad..

Anonymous said...

link is broken, can you fix it please?
many thanks for all the good stuff, great blog!

Mr Tear said...

Hello good people,
The link should work now.

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the good stuff you post...please can u re-up a working link of this incredible gem?

Mr Tear said...

Hey y'all, the link should work again. X

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr Tear, I know iam late but can you please re-up this one iam looking for this for a long time??

Thank You very much

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