Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sahra With Popular Chaabi Music (Moriphon, Egypt)

This was a great find at this week's car boot sale. Any info or translations would be greatly appreciated as I'm in the dark as to what exactly this is. I think its from Egypt, the recordings were possibly made in the '70s and its a fantastic listen!

Here's a taster of one of the tracks from the album:


01- Hassan (Shiek Taha).
02- Cho Cho (Samir Sorour).
03- El-Derbake (Ahmad Hamouda).
04- Houda (Hani).
05- Ya Ma'alm (Samir Sorour).
06- Mouled El-Said (Farouq Salameh).
07- Mahasen (Samir Sorour).
08- Bulbul (Fikri El-Jazzar).
09- Samiya.
10- Khaled El-Bizeh (Samir Sorour).
11- Mouled El-Hussien.
12- Harat El-Awalim (Farouq Salameh)

Thanks to Hammer for the translations and see his comments for the lowdown on this album.

Get it HERE.


Hammer said...

سهرة مع الموسيقى الشعبية - موريفون - ز م ع 134: Sahra With Popular Chaabi Music (Voice of Cairo, Moriphon - Moris Iskander GMT 134 RPM33).

01- Hassan (Shiek Taha).
02- Cho Cho (Samir Sorour).
03- El-Derbake (Ahmad Hamouda).
04- Houda (Hani).
05- Ya Ma'alm (Samir Sorour).
06- Mouled El-Said (Farouq Salameh).

01- Mahasen (Samir Sorour).
02- Bulbul (Fikri El-Jazzar).
03- Samiya. 04- Khaled El-Bizeh (Samir Sorour).
05- Mouled El-Hussien. 06- Harat El-Awalim (Farouq Salameh).

Samir Sorour: A well-know Saxophone player from Egypt who played with 60's/70's Egyptian masters like Umm-Kalthoum, Abdel-Wahab, Abdel-Halim Hafez, Najat, Fayzah Ahmad... etc. He has his own solo 'instrumental' works, but his best playing was as part of the Arabic 'tacht' (تخت), or classical symphony. He made 6 cassettes of saxophone chaabi and classical Egyptian music. He died in 2003 (born 26th, April 1933). Note: He was a black Arab.

Farouq Salameh: Was an accordionist who started playing with Abdel-Wahab and was credited to being the first Arab player of the accordion to play in a quarter-tone (Arabic meter), and was the first to add this instrument to the tacht. His brother Jamal Salameh was a popular Chaabi singer. Farouq's best chaabi tune is Salamteha Umm-Hasan which chaabi singer Ahmad Adaweih (أحمد عدوية) sang and made popular in the 70's. Salameh wrote music for most Egyptian musicians (Mayada El-Henawwi, Fatma Eid, Mohammed Tharwat, Aydah El-Shaa'r, Layla Nazmi, Sharifa Fadel, plus some Lebanese ones (Sabah, Walid Tawfic, Maya Yezbeck, Najah Sallam, Hiyam Temheh...), along half a dozen film and musical-play scores (Harat El-Awalem is his best and was a popular T.V. series that aired in the mid-80's).

This is a pure belly-dance music record, and has some of the most popular belly-dancing tunes in Egypt. I guess it's from somewhere around the early 80's. My best shot is 1980.



Mr Tear said...

Hi Hammer,

Thanks for all the info on these artists and the translations. I kind of thought this was belly dance music but wasn't totally sure. Its great stuff, I really like the fluid energy. Great saxophonist!

Hammer said...

It's pure belly-dance music, indeed. Raks as it's called, or more precisely in Egypt 'raks baladi': popular dance.
Belly-dance is a moniker that has been given to raks (رقص) by eastoxified westerners in the 30's.

Samir Srour (Arabic: سمير سرور - Sameer Serour), was not just a good saxophonist: he's the first one to make this brass wind instrument popular around the Arab world. His much-deserved nickname in Cairo was Ashik Essax ('Sax Lover'), playing it in quart-tunes in what's referred to as 'Sax Sharki'. Most importantly, Samir was part and parcel of Abdel-Halim Hafez' band called 'El-Ferqa El-Masseyah' (The Diamante Band). Samir influenced other later generation of sax-players like Shadi Jamal, Hani Nabil.

All his albums are on CD now and they're downloadable from the following RS links:
-Vol. 1
-Vol. 2
-Vol. 3
-Vol. 4
-Vol. 5
-Vol. 6

Winjoy these DLs 'fore RapidShare gets the M-U treatment, guys.

And, yeah anytime, Mr. Tear: Your blog is damn good.

Dig, bro.


Hammer said...

Just a snuff-you... Passionate-Music has got a whiff of that rare-ass LP and the guys down there (most are Egyptians I am sure), upped it right at their site.

I dunno if ya have any bawns about it, T. but in my cool book... 'tis ayekay.

Dig, and stay cool.


Mr Tear said...

Hey Hammer! Hope you're well.
Share the love is what I say, the more who re-post, the better. It's not like I own the copyright or anything.

Hammer said...

Amen bro.


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