Saturday, 22 December 2012

Imagen Musical de Chile - Various Artists

A couple of weeks ago I spent a rainy afternoon wandering around the charity shops of a small town called Horley.  There isn't much there, a sports centre, a few pubs, a couple of supermarkets, but it is the closest town to Gatwick Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world, a jumping off point to pretty much anywhere.  I had a fairly uninspiring afternoon until I hit the last charity shop (the one closest to the train out of there), and happened upon a pile of albums from Chile, the first of which I am posting today.   Transport of an entirely different kind.

This triple album was released in 1964 and is something like a musical postcard for "...tourists, travellers or foreigners who stopped in Cerrillos or were once in Valparaiso, [for] dreamers of all latitudes who came to this end of the world  to fish, to ski or....casually came to Chile for a day and remained here the rest of their lives".  The record documents the wealth of Chilean folkloric musics that spread in popularity through Chile and other South American nations through the '30s, '40s, '50s and '60s. This music prepared the way for the South American Nueva Cancion - the protest music of Latin America's turbulent 1970s.

Record 1:
01 Chile Lindo - Los Huesos Quincheros
02 Despierta, Quierida Duera - Conjunto Cuncumen
03 Alba - Conjunto Millaray
04 El Cachimbo - Coro Chile Canta
05 Cuando Doblan Las Campanas - Elena Montoya
06 El Pampino - Los Condores
07 El Tortillero - Los Huesos Quincheros
08 Serena en Navidad - Elena Montoya
09 Buenas Noches San Jose - Conjunto Cuncumen
10 Casamiento de Negros - Violeta Parra
11 Yo Vendo Unos Ojos Negros - Los Huesos Quincheros
12 Cantarito de Greda - Los Baqueanos
13 Echandole E Lpelo - Silvia Infantas y Los Condores
14 Cueca del Payoso - Banda de Circo

Record 2:
01 Pregones Tradicionales - Jose Olegario Ramos
02 La Coquetona - Hipolito Jofre
03 La Nina Sin Creito - Manuel Lizana
04 Adios, Adios, Mundo Indino - Conjunto Millaray
05 Patitos en la Laguna - Silvia Infantas y los Baqueanos
06 Rio Rio - Los Huesos Quincheros
07 Sau Sau - Cuarteto Llaima
08 Mi Banderita Chilena - Silvia Infantas y los Baqueanos
09 El Aire - Ricardo Acevedo
10 El Negrito - Coro Chile Canta
11 Corazones Partidos - Los Dos Alicias
12 Camino Agreste - Los Huesos Quincheros
13 Taba La Pequena Un Dia - Conjunto Cuncumen
14 El Jote - Conjunto Cuncumen

Record 3:
01 Camino de Luna - Cuarteto Llaima
02 Te Juiste Pa Ronde - Los Huesos Quincheros
03 El Hachero - Conjunto Millaray
04 Mi Cutral - Coro Chile Canta
05 A Motu Yanei - Ricardo Acevedo
06 La Batalera - Silvia Infantas y los Baqueanos
07 El Pavo - Conjunto Millaray
08 Si Vas Para Chile - Silvia Infantas y Los Condores
09 Donde Habra Como Mi Cueca - Los Huesos Quincheros
10 El Guaton Loyola - Hermanos Lagos
11 La Viudita - Hermanas Parra
12 La Enaguita - Silvia Infantas y Los Condores
13 Atame Con Un Hilito - Conjunto Cuncumen
14 Tonadas de Manuel Rodriguez - Silvia Infantas y los Baqueanos


Holly said...

Many thanks, Mr. Tear!

Tara said...

Mediafire says NO and gives me a link to purchase the album(?) on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Hi all, just checked the links & record 2 seems to be available. Hopefully that will keep you going til I can up them to a different site tomorrow.
X Mr Tear.

Anonymous said...

Record 2 not available hoo. Look forward to the re-post, Mediafire truly do suck. Thanks for all your good tunes and vibes.

Mr Tear said...

Good Morning!
All the links should now be fixed so you're good to rock 'n' roll!
X Mr Tear

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Anonymous said...

Dear friend.
Is there any chance you could restore the links for these three records? They are fascinating and, as you said there, this music paved the way for the Chilean/Latin American New Song, which I love.

Eternally grateful and blessings, Nigel
My email, just in case.

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