Thursday, 6 December 2012

La Tabaquera - Various Artists

OK folks, here's another fantastic compilation of cumbias, gaitas and merengues from Colombia. If you enjoyed the Cumbiando! compilation i posted a few weeks ago then you'll love this.


01     Antolin Y Su Combo Orense –     La Tabaquera        
02     Los Planetas –     La Estera        
03     Lisandro Mesa Y Su Conjunto –     La Chiva Ferrulitica        
04     Antolin Y Su Combo Orense –     Sonia        
05     Antolin Y Su Combo Orense –     Caballo Melao        
06     Conjunto Repauto –     La Pelea        
07     Conjunto Repauto –     Planchame E' Calzon        
08     Lisandro Mesa Y Su Conjunto –     El Pillao        
09     Antolin Y Su Combo Orense –     La Yeguaza        
10     Los Planetas –     La Hojita        
11     Lisandro Mesa Y Su Conjunto –     Marta Elena        
12     Antolin Y Su Combo Orense –     La Ciroma

Get it HERE.


Bart said...

Look what I find when trying to DL this: "This file has been identified as a copyright protected work and cannot be distributed using MediaFire."
Anything we can do about it?


Matt Griffin said...

Yep, same thing on my end -- my eyes lit up when I saw yr post -- I absolutely love that last cumbia album you shared!

Mr Tear said...

Try it now. Hope it works this time.

Mr Tear said...

3rd time lucky. Can somebody please let me know that the d/l link works ok.
All the best,
Mr T.

Bart said...

Working great now (and very fast!)
Thanks for this great set of party-music.

pedrolepackas said...

worked for me lovely cumbia thanks :)

naveed qumer said...

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Vex said...

This is wonderful. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

packupload site down?

Mr Tear said...

Hi anonymous,
Packupload was down yesterday but it looks like its back up now. Phew!

Beak said...

Excellent! Thanks... for fthe cumbias in particular.

Muhammad Hussain said...

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Ali Sohail said...

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Anonymous said...

outstanding compilation, thank you. Any idea of the date? I've squinted at the back cover scan, but if the date is there, it's too small to read.

Mr Tear said...

Hi, there doesn't seem to be a date on either the sleeve or the labels. I would guess at mid sixties.
Thanks for the comments and interest.

David said...

What a very happy set this is - big smile on the face for most of these! And some great clarinet work in a number of the pieces. Thanks for such an enjoyable LP!!

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