Friday, 22 November 2013

Another mystery tape from Morocco

We have Joachim to thank for providing us with this wonderful music.  The cassette came without a cover and the print on the case has worn off over time leaving both sides illegible bar the words 'Production Al Afrah'.  Thankfully, the beautiful music is still magically captured on the magnetic strip of tape. The music is from the south of Morocco, possibly the Souss Valley or  High Atlas region. The sound is urgent, insistent and it worms its way into the brain very nicely.

Get it HERE.

Does anybody know who we might be listening to?


glinka21 said...

Have you tried asking here?

or here?

These bloggers are experts. If anybody would know, they would.

Hammer said...

Hello, 'gain Mr. Tear... Been a long time.

This is el-Rayssa R'kya Damssiria (Arabic: الرايسة رقية الدمسرية), and she is a well-known (and loved) Amazigh singer whose first ever recorded 45" was pressed in 1967.

This cassette is just one amongst her endless others and still hard to pin down, but let me leave the turf here to Tim Abdellah and his expertise in all matters a la Morocaine.

Hope this might have helped at least in demystifying the singer.

Be well, bro.


glinka21 said...

Ah, now that's the kind of assistance that comes to one's door, and is always welcome!

Hammer said...

No need to thank me, glinka21. By the way, SC&P has featured this Soussian, Rweiss female artist in a compact cassette before. Here is the link I.Y.I.: الرايسة رقـــية الدمسربــة.

All thanks should go to Mr. Tear for keeping up an overly good shop here.


Mr Tear said...

Hey Hammer!
Many, many thanks for identifying the mystery singer. Your knowledge is always much appreciated round these parts.
Next post is a mystery cassette from Libya, however this one has a cover and text on the shell so should be easy enough to identify.
X Marc

Anonymous said...

holy sheeyit, the moroccan ones are so amazing, now i just cant wait to hear libya, too!

glinka21 said...

Thanks for pointing out the link to the other cassette, Hammer. Much obliged. :)

roberth said...

wonderful music
thank you so much

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