Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sun Ra and the Arkestra - Cosmo Sun Connection

What is there to say that hasn't already been said?
I doubt he would have paid much attention to earthly follies like birthdays or centennials, but for what its worth, Sun Ra would have been 100 years old today.  He has left us with a legacy that very few others in the entire history of recorded music could match. Our world, our universe in fact, is infinitely richer for his existence.

This is a live recording from 1984, released by Recommended Records in 1985.  I bought my copy in 1990 and the version of Fate in a Pleasant Mood  remains one of my very favourite pieces of music by anyone, ever.  A very special magic occurred on this evening.

If you are unfamiliar with Sun Ra, his music and his philosophy, then you could start off with these two brilliant documentaries:


01 Fate In A Pleasant Mood
02 Cosmo Journey Blues
03 Cosmo Sun Connection
04 Cosmonaut Astronaut Rendezvous
05 As Space Ships Approach
06 Pharoah's Den

Get it HERE.


Anonymous said...

never mind would have been 100..sun ra's somewhere celebratin..thanks

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Rev. bIGhIG said...

Thanks for the Sun Ra. A new one for me.
Glad to discover your blog, much more to check out!
(And I'm a different Rev. than the cat above.)