Monday, 26 May 2014

Tommy McCook & The Supersonics ‎– Greater Jamaica - Moonwalk Reggae (1970)

Tommy McCook, born in 1922, was one of the great heroes of Jamaican music.  In 1963 he formed the Skatellites, one of the great names in early ska music, before pulling together the Supersonics in 1965.  The Supersonics became the house band at Duke Reid's studio and were backing band on many reggae and rocksteady hits in the mid to late sixties.
This album is just gorgeous and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have:


01 Stealing Stealing
02 Lock Jaw
03 Moonlight Groover
04 Funkey Funkey Reggae
05 Quando Mi Amor
06 My Girl
07 Drink Milk
08 Only A Smile
09 Drink Milk
10 You Were To Be
11 Stealing Vol 2
12 Moon Invader
13 Moon Walk

Get it HERE (mediafire) or HERE (adrive).


The Magnificent Goldberg said...

Not there, Guv. Mediafire says Justin Hines (?) maybe available from Amazon.


Mr Tear said...

I've just added another link. One of them should work!

Anonymous said...

thanks for this tommy mccook! a great down to earth sax player in the skatalites, made some nice dub albums, too.

cheers, lucky

Likedeeler said...

Delightful! Listening right now. Thank you very much!